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14500 Martin Drive, Suite 1000
Eden Prairie, MN 55347

Worth everything. A year-round weekly commitment we have made for nine years that benefits our three boys in music and in all of their pursuits. In their lessons with Ella, they have discovered that when they work hard and pay attention to detail, they can make beautiful music–and the ethics of hard work helps in school and sports and anything they do. Ella’s attention to detail and focus on technique creates a foundation of musical skill and confidence. They have learned to be confident performing and speaking in front of others. And they have learned how good it feels to see other people appreciate when you make music.

Sharon & Ken Kadet, Minnetonka, MN

Our daughters Kavya and Kanya have been taking Piano lessons from Kramer’s School of Music for the past 6 years and it has been a wonderful experience. We have seen remarkable improvement over the years and the kids really look forward to the piano lessons. Ella is extremely committed and really expects perfection from the students which reflects through her student’s play.

Parents are informed about different piano exams/contests. By participating in contests, kids get an opportunity to be in MMTA Honors concert which is a pride! Teacher plays an important role in helping the kids for selecting the right musical piece to play. School arranges performances for each season, I would call this a Highlight as it gives confidence and motivation to kids.

Apart from practical learning, kids gain the theoretical knowledge about music and has special classes for the same. The symbols, notes are familiar for the kids which allows them to learn any other instrument!

Karthic Family, Eden Prairie, MN

Eleonora started teaching my son, Anirudh, when he was 5. She is a very dedicated, talented proficient piano teacher. She is very patient and follows a high standard in her teaching. She supports and encourages to progress and work towards perfection. I am also very much impressed with her senior students during the recitals. My Son enjoys her lesson a lot.

Divya Shree, Parent Eden Prairie, MN

Our daughter has been taking piano lessons for just over 4 years at the Kramer’s School of Music. Words cannot demonstrate how impressed we are with her teacher. She is a true professional and a magnificent teacher. She has impressed us with her skills and depth. She always takes care and the time necessary to explain how to play piano in the right way and instills a feeling of confidence with her students. As a result, our daughter has grown in talent and has participated in several competitions. I highly recommend Kramer School of Music for you they have exceeded our expectations.

Scott & Maria Pearson, Parents, Eden Prairie, MN

Elena Kramer is an accomplished pianist and a superb teacher. Through years of studying music and the teaching of many students she has accumulated a vast amount of music knowledge and the skills necessary to instruct, inspire, and motivate a student. Elena is an outstanding piano teacher with the expertise needed to bring out the best in her students and provide the mentorship required for students seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. Her extensive experience and professionalism is evident in how she conducts her lessons and in the results she creates in her students. She challenges her students to do their utmost best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical detail, but also to the artistry, emotion and story that the piece should express. During the lesson process, Elena teaches not only what to practice, but more importantly, how to practice. She uses analysis as part of approaching a new piece and gives clear and concise explanations. I have studied baroque, classical, romantic, contemporary pieces with her. I would highly recommend Elena for anyone seeking piano instruction, theory and a well-rounded music education.

Linda Ripka, Student and Colleague Minnetonka, MN

Ella is a superb piano teacher. She has been teaching my children for ten years now. I would recommend Kramer’s School of Music to any parents who want their kids to learn piano.

Heng family, Eden Prairie, MN

Music is divine that heals the souls. We are most privileged to have Ella as our Piano teacher. Our elder son now in college and my younger son, both are Ella’s students. Ella is a very dedicated, devoted, talented, knowledgeable teacher. Both Ella and Elena are impacting many children’s life through music. We wish them all goodness in their endeavors.

Jacobs family Eden Prairie, MN

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Kramer’s School of Music for 7 years now. It has been an excellent learning experience for her. We have an extraordinary teacher and very dedicated to her job. She enrolls students in multiple piano recitals and also helps them take exams so they can move to higher levels. She is the best!

Sireesha Kakumanu, Parent Eden Prairie, MN

My 12 year old son and 9 year old daughter have been getting Piano lessons from Kramer’s School of Music for more than 6 years. They have a wonderful teacher who is passionate about bringing out the best in her students. Her teaching style has encouraged my kids to love music and learn it the right way. She provides several opportunities in the year, for kids to perform in front of public and make it fun too. My kids love the Halloween recital each year when they get to wear their costumes and play “scary” music. I feel fortunate to have a talented teacher here in our community. If you are thinking of getting your kids into piano, look no further.

Sumita Saini, Parent Eden Prairie, MN

My piano teacher has been a wonderful for my 9 year old son. She is not only kind, caring, and very patient, but she truly inspires her students to enjoy learning and to love music. The passion for teaching at Kramer’s School of Music is evident: it can be seen at the recitals where students of many years perform with great skill and excitement; it is evident as she prepares each student for theory tests and performances; and also as she gently encourages frequent practice, attention to details and dynamics, a fun and relaxed learning environment, and a genuine interest in each student and their family. The instructor is an amazing pianist herself and her love and dedication to music is apparent in her teaching. She has a very well rounded approach and includes theory lessons, performance classes, recitals, and competitions as part of her yearly curriculum.

Yi Du, Parent Savage, MN

I have had a great experience with taking piano and theory lessons from Kramer’s School of Music. The theory lessons helped me prepare for the MMTA exams and also apply what I learned to the pieces I was playing. I also really enjoy the piano lessons, and I am learning so much. My teacher helps me keep improving the pieces I’m playing and she always has helpful suggestions. She is good at explaining things and helping me understand the theory behind the music.

Erin Falk, student, Eden Prairie, MN

I have been playing piano at Kramer’s School of Music for nearly ten years now. I began playing in second grade with no knowledge of music, and I think I can say that this education has given me the tools I need for a future in music. Some competitions I have participated in include Schubert Club, Young Artists, Thursday Musical, North Star, and Northwestern, not to mention the numerous MMTF, MMTA and studio-hosted recitals and concerts. I also passed Level 9 piano with high distinction and completed level 4 theory. Through my experience I have learned not only how to excel in music but also discipline and a respect for the arts.

Claire Song, Student Eden Prairie, MN

Mrs. Kramer opened the door for my daughter of the wonderful world of classic music. Her great passion and techniques as a piano teacher and most importantly as a great pianist encouraged and nurtured my daughter’s love on piano playing. We can see her skill growing every day. We feel fortunate to have Mrs. Kramer guide and accompany our daughter in this musical journey.

Huizhen Chen, Parent, Eden Prairie, MN

Elena Kramer is the most incredible piano teacher who is kind and nurturing, yet never fails to instill important life lessons of discipline and accountability. She is extremely committed to her students learning, and patiently works with them in building aptitude, interest and skills. We have often marveled at her level of engagement with the students. Our family has thoroughly enjoyed this musical experience with her and we highly recommend all our friends and family to her.

Lei Parent, Eden Prairie, MN

Elena is the piano teacher for both of my kids (10 and 5). She has a unique way of teaching based on the kids’ capability and learning style. Without her patience, encouragement and various ways of inspiring and motivating, my two kids would not be enjoying music so much and take pride in playing piano.

Ankita Borah, Parent, Eden Prairie, MN