Allen Teyvel

Allen Teyvel is an active pianist in Minnesota and Ohio. The impression he has left on audiences after performances was described as “A powerful pianist who has high emotional intent.” Teyvel has been an RA at the Minnesota International Piano Camp along with being a teaching assistant for the precollege program. Mr. Teyvel has also established himself as a local piano teacher in Minnesota, with a varying range of students from private teacher to being employed at the Kramer school of music. Mr. Teyvel is one of the founding members of Quarteto Raro, A new music ensemble that has the instrumentation of 2 pianos and 2 cellos. The goal of the ensemble is to work with living composers and premier new music.
Mr. Teyvel is an American citizen, but his family comes from Moldova and since early childhood he has been exposed to passionate music from the Russian school. Mr. Teyvel has an Associates of fine Arts degree from North Hennepin Community College where he studied piano from Dr. Heather MacLaughlin and Dr. Kevin Hobbs. Allen has completed his Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in piano performance at the University of Minnesota, where he studied from distinguished piano faculty member Dr. Kyung Kim. Allen currently holds his Master of Music degree from Bowling Green State University while studying with Dr. Yevgeny Yontov.

Instruments Taught: