Arlys Alford

Arlys’ vocal & artistic exploration began at age 3, singing solos at her church, dance lessons at 5 and piano at 6. She sang alto in her high school’s classically influenced concert choir and madrigal singers. As a young artist diversity of style and broad experience became her goal and with that in mind she wrote, sang and performed with numerous original rock, pop, funk & blues bands while simultaneously acting, singing, dancing or choreographing stage musicals. As Arlys says “without training, I ruined my voice thru overwork and eventually wasn’t able to sing a single note.” After spending years studying with a private voice teacher to recover her own ability to produce sound, she took on her first private voice student in 1997 and found her path forever altered. From 2008-2012 she acted as her own master teacher’s regular substitute at Culver City and Santa Monica Music Schools, then returned to Minneapolis in 2012 to continue aiding singers develop their voices.

Arlys studied voice for 12 years with master teachers of bel canto & contemporary singing techniques. She has a lifetime of performing experience, spent 12 years living and working in Los Angeles and has 18 years of professional voice teaching experience. Her cross-training in dance, yoga, Tai Chi, commercial & improvisational acting help provide a well-rounded platform from which to deliver information, guide vocal explorers and help develop talent. She focuses on helping you develop an easier way to sustain the best posture, breath support, resonance and pitch control for today’s music, bringing awareness to your existing vocal habits and providing tools to adjust those habits so you can hear and feel the difference. Arlys joined Kramer’s School of Music in 2016.