Our Mission Statement

Kramer’s School of Music is dedicated to teaching the art of music and performance to students of all ages and ability levels. We aim to enrich the lives and intellect of our students and provide them with musical skills that will last a lifetime.

Our History

Kramer’s School of Music, formerly known as Kramer’s Music Studio, was founded in Eden Prairie in the year 1999. Elena Kramer, a Master’s trained piano performer and educator, began to teach young students in the art of piano performance and group theory instruction. A few years later, Eleonora Kramer joined her mother after graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Music Performance. Together, they have expanded their school and taught hundreds of students over the past 14 years. They specialized in piano instruction, violin instruction and musical theory of all levels. By encouraging students to participate in competitions, festivals, state theory exams and recitals, Kramer’s School of Music became a well-known name within the Minnesota musical community.

Now having established themselves in the Eden Prairie community, Kramer’s School of Music aims to expand once again and become an established School of Music in the Plymouth area. We are offering instruction for many different instruments and all aspects of musical education.

What We Teach

Private Music Instruction

Piano, guitar, violin, voice and more!

Group instruction

Adult and kids piano lessons, pre-school classes, music history and more.

Group Theory Classes

All Minnesota Music Teacher Association levels, including Advanced Placement Music Theory Exam Prep

Music Summer Camps

We offer three sessions of half day camps throughout the summer.

Why choose Kramers School of Music

  • We have a proven track record of excellence since 1999

    Kramer’s School of Music has a proven track record of offering quality music instruction for children age 3 through adults. Our students typically represent the largest group of participants in most of exams and competitions in the Twin Cities area. We aim to build a relationship to last many years, and many of our students have been with us from kindergarten through High School. See our testimonials!

  • Professional facilities located in the heart of Eden Prairie and Plymouth

    Our Eden Prairie facility is conveniently located on the intersection of Martin Drive and Mitchell Road. Our Plymouth facility is located off of County Road 24 and Highway 55. Both facilities offer a welcoming and encouraging environment to provide comfort for students and parents. Our large welcome hall is surrounded sound-resistant lesson rooms and a recital hall (EP location). Most of our rooms have large windows. We offer free Wi-Fi to provide parents with the best experience possible.

  • Our Qualified Teaching Faculty

    We have trained & experienced instrumental and voice teachers, all with either university training or professional performance experience. We are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. We are confident that we have the right teachers to meet your music lesson needs.

  • Our program is tailored to musical skills of all levels, from beginners to advanced performers

    We offer private music lessons for children as young as 3 1/2 years old. The school has special approaches to teaching these youngsters in a fun yet professional way. Our instructors are also qualified to teach the most advanced students and prepare them for competitions, recitals and theory exams.

  • Our students participate in multiple recitals, competitions and festivals

    Although we do not require students to participate in exams, recitals, festivals and competitions, we believe such events are an important part of every student's music education. These events give students an opportunity to perform for others and listen to other students from other programs. Our teachers are dedicated to providing students with opportunities for stage performance. Kramer’s School of Music participates in a large number of events throughout the year. Please see our calendar for details.

    Kramer’s School of Music hosts four recitals throughout the year: Spring Recital, Summer Recital, Halloween Recital and Holiday Recital.

    Our students have been participants, finalists and winners of multiple competitions, including the Minnesota Music Teachers Association State Contest, Young Artist Performance Competition, St Paul Piano Concerto Competition, Upper Midwest Festival, University of Northwestern Piano Solo Festival, The Schubert Club Scholarship Competition, Thursday musical, Mozart Concerto competition, North Star Piano Festival and many others.

    Our school organizes and hosts the North Star Piano Festival every year in Eden Prairie, allowing students to play duets and concertos.

  • We prepare students for exams and competitions

    We offer full training in repertoire, studies, technique, ear training and sight reading to prepare students for various exams and competitions. Many of our students participate in prestigious music tests such as Comprehensive Piano Exams and Theory exams organized by Minnesota Music Teachers’ Association, and by Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.

  • We respect your investment, and are committed to developing the talent of each student

    You will see value in our instruction! We are dedicated to professional and disciplined musical education. All of our students progress in their music education, or we will find the source of the problem and fix it. We understand the time and monetary commitment you are making when signing up for music instruction, and we are committed to providing results. You will be pleased with the progress and our approach.

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