Irina Tkachenko

Irina Tkachenko received her Bachelor’s Degree in Piano from The Music College in Belarus and her Master’s Degree in Piano Pedagogy from the Belorussian State Conservatory named after Lunacharsky in Minsk in 1987. Irina was the soloist and accompanist of Chamber Orchestra in the Belorussian State Conservatory.

Irina started her work as piano teacher and accompanist in Musical College of Belarus. She received awards in the state competitions as accompanist for vocalists.

In 1990, Irine moved to Latvia. She taught piano and performed with a famous singer across Latvia. Irine worked for a popular talent TV show during that time as well.

Since 2000, she has been teaching piano and accompanying for Royal Conservatory exams and competitions in Canada., Her students received numerous awards in festivals and competitions. Irine believes music is happiness and it unites our hearts. Irine joined Kramer’s School of Music in 2020.

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