Nate Baker

Nate Baker has a Bachelor of Music degree from Northern Illinois University, and a Master of Music degree from Utah State University studying under Fareed Haque and Corey Christiansen respectively. 

He was a finalist in the Union League’s Jazz Improvisation Competition in 2012 and 2013 in Chicago, and was the People’s Choice Award recipient in 2013.

Nate has recorded with various artists including the Buffalo Gals Band, Nathan Kalish, Danny Gottlieb, as well as members of Wilco, Sufjan Stevens, and Tortoise.  He has toured both nationally and internationally, including playing the main stage at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

For almost two decades, Nate has helped students of varying ages and abilities achieve their musical goals.  Like many others, he believes learning music improves the way a student learns any subject, but also that music has intrinsic value regardless of its impact on other areas of study.  He is well versed in jazz, bluegrass, folk, rock, as well as many other styles, and teaches guitar and mandolin.  In addition to developing foundational knowledge of music and the fingerboard, Nate is happy to work with each student to find their musical path.

Instruments Taught: