Ally Haas

Ally zealously seeks out works by underrepresented composers in an effort to make their voices heard and strives to share this passion with her students, sparking their curiosity to explore music in its entirety. As an ardent believer in both teaching to every student’s individual needs and promoting self-awareness and musical independence from an early age, she develops personable relationships with her students built on mutual respect, empowerment for growth, and the joy of collaboration in music. She recognizes that each student has a pre-existing skillset and delights in discovering how best to support each student and engage them through creative teaching practices that challenge both their technical abilities and musical ideas.

Ally studied piano performance with Dr. Shannon Sadler at Saint Cloud State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Music and received annual scholarships from the Ruth Gant and David J. Ernest foundations. Additionally, she won first place in the Charleston International Music Competition 2021 European Music Competition and was a finalist in the Minnesota Music Teachers Association State Piano Contest in 2019.

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