Daniel Eras

Having garnered numerous prizes and recognitions for his performances in his native Costa Rica, across Europe, the United States, and Russia, including 6 performances at the Carnegie Hall, pianist Daniel Eras left Costa Rica to finish his college education and continue his pianist career under the instruction of Dr. Alexander Braginsky. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University of Minnesota, and in May 2022, he will be finishing his master’s degree in both Music Theory and Music Performance.

Daniel is an active pianist and has had important participations in varies competitions including the highly coveted First Prize and the Chopin Prize for the best performance of a Frederic Chopin work at the MTNA National Senior Piano Competition. In addition, he has received top prizes at competitions in the national and international level including: The 4th International Piano Competition of Slavic Music in Paris, The Franz Liszt Center International Piano Competition in Spain, The New York Piano Festival and Competition with the addition of the “National Heritage” special prize, The Schubert Club Scholarship Competition, Thursday Musical Scholarship Competition, Ithaca College Piano Competition, advancing to the semifinals of the San Jose International Piano Competition, e-Piano Competition with the “Raising Stars” special prize, and others. In addition, Daniel has had the opportunity to perform with wonderful orchestras including the Wiener Residenz Orchester in Vienna, Austria, the Boccherini Institute Orchestra in Italy – invited as well for a solo recital, and the Costa Rica National Symphony Orchestra.

Daniel has had the opportunity to guide students since 2017 privately and in academies around the Twin Cities. Daniel teaches piano to students of all ages and levels, with emphasis on creating varies musical sounds and learning a wide range of musical styles ranging from classical music, movie scores, and Top 40 pop music. He has also served for the past two years as a teaching assistant of the Music Theory department at the University of Minnesota, teaching core courses in both aural skills and music analysis as well as his graduate review seminar on 18-19th century music analysis, counterpoint, sight-singing, and academic writing. His current research specializes in a study of chromatic music in the 19th century western common practice, particularly in the works of Sergei Rachmaninov. Moreover, he is also invested in a study of formal structures of Electronic Dance Music.

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