Dr. Galina Ajunts

Dr. Galina Ajunts graduated from Michigan State University in 2003 with the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Violin Performance. Since early childhood, she was exposed to the wonderful sounds of Concerti of Mozart, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky and Brahms. She studied with many pedagogues in different parts of the former Soviet Union. In the US, her teachers were the world famous concert violinists Walter Verdehr, the founder of the Verdehr Trio, and Dmitri Berlinsky.

Her teaching experience in the US encompasses years 2002-2015. Galina teaches violin, viola, and beginning piano, for all ages. Working as both private and group teacher she had opportunities to prepare students for solo performances, auditions, as well as led sectional practices for the orchestras. Galina joined Kramer’s School of Music in 2015.

Instruments Taught: