Mina Park

Hyoan (Mina) Park, a native of South Korea, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in  Music from Murray State University where she studied piano performance with Dr. Matthew  Gianforte and collaborative piano with Dr. Mee-youn Park and Dr. Sue-jean Park . She won the  first prize for the Murray Woman’s Club Kentucky Sophomore Competition. Mina was awarded Mari Holifield Taylor Keyboard Scholarships while she studied at MSU. Mina held a graduate  assistantship while completing a Master of Music at Bowling Green State University, where she  studied with Dr. Solungga Liu. Mina had a graduate assistantship at West Virginia University  and is studying piano performance with Dr. Peter Amstutz while pursuing a Doctor of Musical  Arts. She was awarded The Valerie Canady Scholarship for 3 years. Mina is an official ABD  candidate from West Virginia University. 

Active as a soloist, ensemble performer, and collaborator, Mina has performed in solo  repertoire, 2 pianos, 4-hands, 6-hands, 8-hands, vocal and instrumental recitals, as well as choral,  orchestra, and church performances in Asia and USA. She also has a decade of accompanying  experience, having performed in vocal and instrumentalists’ lessons, masterclasses, auditions, recordings, and competitions. She also participated in festivals such as the Athena Festival with  Dr. Gwyneth Walker. 

Mina has over 5 years of teaching experience with young individuals, group lessons with  youth, as well as group lessons with adults. She has also given masterclasses throughout the  USA. The past year Mina has been hosting masterclasses at high schools in New York and Ohio.  Mina Park is currently working on her dissertation.

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