Danny Fromm

Danny Fromm brings over 20 years of guitar-playing experience to his role as an instructor, with a background enriched by extensive live performances in notable Twin Cities venues such as the 7th Street Entry and the Fine Line. His educational journey includes studies at McNally Smith College of Music, contributing to his broad understanding of music and teaching

Danny is proficient in a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from classical to metal and blues. His latest musical exploration involves the intricate and expressive style of gypsy jazz. This wide-ranging expertise allows him to cater to students with varied musical tastes and goals. Danny’s teaching style helps students discover the joy and transformative power of music. In addition to guiding others toward learning their favorite songs, Danny emphasizes the importance of finding one’s unique voice on the guitar. He prioritizes good technique to promote healthy playing habits and longevity. He also develops students’ understanding of music theory, helping them grasp the underlying patterns of their favorite music styles.

In Danny’s lessons, students will build their repertoire, engage in composition, and learn the language of improvisation. Danny fosters a supportive environment where students build confidence and creativity, developing skills that will last a lifetime.

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