Runze Shao

Runze Shao is a dedicated musician whose journey in music education and performance has taken him across continents. Currently pursuing his Doctoral of Music Arts at University of Minnesota with Stephanie Arado. He is deeply engaged in advancing his expertise in the field. Prior to this, he completed his Master of Music at Louisiana State University in 2023, building upon his Bachelor of Art degree from Soochow University in Suzhou, China, which he attained in 2021.

Runze Shao’s passion for nurturing young talent and sharing his knowledge extends beyond his own studies. He has served as a Violin Teaching Assistant at Louisiana State University, where he mentored undergraduate students. His teaching endeavors also reached international grounds as a Violin Teacher at the Suzhou Singapore International School, where he guided middle school students to success in solo competitions. His commitment to music education further manifested through roles as a Chamber Music Instructor at Xingcheng Primary School and as a Music Teacher at SIP Jingcheng School, both in Suzhou, China, where he instructed students of various ages and skill levels.

In recognition of his outstanding talent and dedication, Shao has received several prestigious awards throughout his career. Notably, in August 2020, he was awarded the First Prize in the Youth String category at the Asia (International) Music Competition China District, showcasing his prowess as a performer. Additionally, his contributions to ensemble performance were recognized with the Third Prize in the String Quartet category at the same competition in June 2018.

In every aspect of his musical career, Runze Shao exemplifies a deep-rooted passion for music, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to inspire the next generation of musicians through both performance and education.

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